the travel concept


Behind the Scenes

In October 2016 the idea for the travel concept. was born. An art studio to share experiences, thoughts & impressions of lived adventures expressed in words, photographs, and products. This playground is a combination out of two major passions – the love for traveling, outdoors, adventures & brands, fashion, design, fabrics, and crafts.

the travel concept. is more than a personal blog or website. It is not centred about myself but around what makes life one-to-live-for in my eyes.  People. Colours. Curiosity. Impressions. Outdoors. Creativity. Design. Diversity.

Here, I share my perspective with you and making it even more special this way. This platform is an embodiment of daydreams, a platform for sharing projects, channel talent, share my passion.

All of that is circled about the question:

How would your life be today if a Tomorrowland doesn’t exist?

With that question in mind, this gypsy soul was set free. Restless and in need of adventures and infinite changes. Seeking the source of inspiration through travels out of all aspects of life – people, big cities, nature, ideas, research, attitudes and those experiences gained along the way.

This gypsy soul belongs to me – Undine (meaning “the little wave”) –  a twenty-something-year-old girl  – born and raised in Germany. Traveling and exploring for the last five years,  my soul is a patchwork of all the cultures and countries I have lived in. Loving life too much to stand still, I surpass expectation and social judgment. And what is most important: I am on the way. I am on the road, traveling, exploring, developing. Capturing the world around me. I am growing, struggling, discovering and re-discovering myself. I let go. I am falling free. I shape my life but I also readily take what life has prepared for me.

My companions: My laptop. My backpack. My dreams. My vision.

You can call me “restless” or “crazy”. Be it as it may – I promise you first class content on:

  • entrepreneurship & traveling
  • outdoors & adventures
  • branding, communication & consumption
  • fashion design, fabrics & crafts

Every individual has their way to evolve as a person and to break the daily routine. Find yours and start walking.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!