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The Entrepreneurial Journey – Let’s Get Started

Three months ago, I found myself in a hostel in Wellington, NZ, head in the clouds – strolling to websites, brainstorming and thinking…once again.

Everywhere are success stories of so called ‘digital nomads’ that are able to generate automated revenue streams and live the life they dreamed of. A perfect idea…but so far only an idea. In my case it is not the problem to generate ideas BUT it is a challenge to turn them into reality and profitable businesses, especially whilst traveling. The theory is known but how about the praxis?

Three months – 50 nights in my castle/tent, 156 hrs in the car, several outdoor adventures and life changing experiences on New Zealand’s South Island later – I sit on an improvised desk, in an actual room with wifi (!) and focus on exactly that – establish a business online.

So what happened? During the last months on the road, I solved that mystery at least for myself.  The keywords are PRIORITIZE, TIME & FOCUS. Those factors are crucial – big projects will only be manageable if you take time, set focus and prioritize those projects.

Now, I am on the doorstep of that journey – let’s see where it goes.

Brain Storming

Back then in Wellington, a few things were spinning back and forth in my head in terms of starting an ONLINE business from everywhere in the world.

no. 1.

Obviously, you need a good internet connection (not always – especially meanwhile traveling rather seldom – the case)

no. 2.

Time:  you need to invest time to build your business, the contradicting: this time will not be there to actually wander – keyword: time management

no. 3

Money: yes, the ever returning question, how can you afford traveling AND build a business…what I experienced so far is that it is crucial to have the right to work in that country you are currently staying to overcome financial “dry periods”. However, there are a lot of opportunities to work remotely and do e.g. freelancing. BUT time = money. The goal is to focus on the automatization of revenue streams. How to get there? I will tell you if I have figured it out ;-).

no. 4.

Besides the other important factors: you need a good idea that is able to stand out against the crowd – there are countless numbers of online businesses, travel blogs, consultancies etc. out there

no. 5.

Add to the start-up tool kit: stamina, tenacity and stick to your idea

no. 6.

Set the strategic blue print and take it from there – just start – you will grow in the process…screw the perfectionism at that point

no. 7.

Be up to date/ take the lead – acquire knowledge about your area…have the necessary background information or expertise or at least know where to find those information.

The theoretical basis is set – next step is to take it to the test and into practice…

Welcome to the travel concept, you just started my journey with me in order to find a way to create an Online Business WHILST traveling, more or less live on stage as far as the internet allows it.

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